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  • April 2021 Newsletter
    15 Apr 2021

    Vol. 40 No. 11

  • March 2021 Newsletter
    16 Mar 2021
    Happy St. Patrick's Day Green beer? Excuse me? Who does that? I mean, could you be convinced that to properly celebrate this lovely Irish day, you are required to pour GREEN beer down your gullet? Hey, can you get GREEN beer Light? Would the color be a lighter green?
  • Newsletter February 2021
    17 Feb 2021
    Happy February What a great month –- First the Super Bowl and a BIG congratulations to Tommy and the Bucs (not Benny and the Jets). And second, let’s hear it for Valentine’s Day, the only day of the year (other than your birthday) when chocolates have absolutely zero calories, so if you go for a hike, even munching chocolates as you tromp the trails, you’ll lose a couple of pounds. What more could you ask? Well, there’s red or yellow (my fav) roses, a clever card, and if you’re female, your other half owes you a half-day servitude. Valentine’s Day is definitely for the female half of the population. Guys, suck it up.
  • January Newsletter 2021
    15 Jan 2021
    I don’t think any of us will ever forget the day we get our first vaccine shot. Will we drive up, stick our arm out the window, visit the dentist and beg him/her not to give us the vaccine shot in the gums, or visit our grocery store, not for the flu shot this time, but for the life-saving stuff to keep us dancing on the planet?
  • December 2020 Newsletter
    22 Dec 2020

    Vol. 673 No. 486

    What's the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet? The Christmas alphabet has noel.

    GREAT NEWS: I sent VORTEX, the 25th FBI, to my editor last Tuesday. YEA! And guess what? Because I'm certifiable, I've already started writing the 5th novella in Grayson Sherbrooke's Otherworldly Adventures. Santa should be pleased with me, or give me valium.

    NFL Football has gone amazingly well, considering all the pitfalls. Who do you think will visit Tampa for the Super Bowl?