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  • Catherine and Clothilde
    May 2019 Mini Newsletter
    15 May 2019

    The only bummer? I had to read THE LAST SECOND to Clothilde (the fertility statue and goddess of the waterfall) because she was afraid she’d get it wet. I do know what she yearns for -- my moose slippers and my lipstick, only in a more earthy shade, and my Warriors jacket. (Hang that one up, Clothilde.)

  • MAY DAY – Mini-newsletter
    May Day Mini Newsletter May 2019
    01 May 2019
    Once upon a time I was standing in my moose slippers in front of my incredible kingdom, balancing THE LAST SECOND on my knee, wearing a shirt of many colors Why? You may wonder...
  • Catherine on balcony
    April Frodo the Frog Newsletter 2019
    18 Apr 2019
    Having a bad day? ... REMEDY COMING UP ….
  • Harry Potter sofa with moose slippers
    THE LAST SECOND -- Post-Pub mini-newsletter
    04 Apr 2019
    Reading on my Harry Potter sofa with moose slippers. THE LAST SECOND is shining bright on the bestseller lists...
  • Catherine at Golden Gate
    The Last Second - Mini Newsletter Part 6 March 2019
    26 Mar 2019
    "They're crossing the bridge!" That excited info was from my single copy of THE LAST SECOND who knew the moment my 50 copies from the publisher started their march across the Golden Gate to my house...