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Vol. Green No. Beer

We go from flowers and chocolates and mushy Valentine's Day cards (thank you, Hallmark) to green beer and parades and drunken orgies for St. Pat's Day on the 17th. Lots of folks visit Savannah for St. Pat's Day and believe me, it's a huge deal. Talk about wild parties and drinking your brains out, Savannah beats out Boston as the place to be and yes, been there, done that. You know, if you don't look, you really don't taste the green in the beer, like drinking non-fat milk, if you don't look at it, it tastes the same.

Can't forget this month is also memorable for the Ides of March, that day nearly before time was recorded (44 BC) when Brutus and his buds stuck a knife in Julius Caesar and terminated his fun. Isn't it amazing that after a gazillion centuries, calendars still mark this date. Talk about immortality, maybe in perpetuity, but still, Julius would doubtless have preferred not being remembered for getting terminally sacked. I've wondered why Julius Caesar, in particular, get the attention when there have been many assassinations throughout history of equally deserving folk. Hmm, maybe it's all because of Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar and a soothsayer who warns Julius to beware the Ides of March. (Thank you, Billy)

Many of you can't believe this, but the first day of Spring comes on the twentieth, and you scoff at this while you shovel six feet of snow off your driveways and we in California swim in the atmospheric rivers (and who came up with that gem?). There is an upside - we will envy your biceps while you will envy our dog paddle.

Congratulations to Jamie Lee Curtis. Loved her Oscar acceptance speech.

Remember, don't look at the beer when you swill it down.

Catherine Coulter


Sit and admire but don't swim, you'd freeze your parts off.
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