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  • February Newsletter 2022
    16 Feb 2022
    Happy February -- So many exciting happenings this month -- Valentine's Day, my birthday on Valentine's Day, the Super Bowl (congrats to the RAMS and Matthew Stafford), and the two very biggest excitements, other than my birthday??
  • January Newsletter 2022
    14 Jan 2022
    Eli pondering where to start on his memoirs.
    Eli pondering where to start on his memoirs.

    Vol. START No. 22

  • December Newsletter 2021
    17 Dec 2021
    I hope all of you have your wrapping done, boxes mailed, all edible gift baskets sent, buckets of popcorn (three flavors) delivered here and yon. Guess what? Most of my house was decorated by the end of November including outdoor lights. It seems like yesterday we were stuffing ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings and sprawled on the sofa watching football in a stupor.
  • November Newsletter 2021
    17 Nov 2021
    What a glorious month. The weather here is perfect, which means, alas, we really need a good soaking, so please perform your most graceful rain dance, chanting to your district weather minions to fountain say a million or so gallons of rain into No. Cal.
  • October Newsletter 2021
    13 Oct 2021
    To boldly go where no one has gone before – I’m so completely jazzed that Captain James Tiberius Kirk went into space – again, only this time for real. William Shatner, 90, went up into space at Jeff Bezos’s invitation, the Jeff Bezos who will rule the world within seven years, no doubt in my mind.