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Catherine Coulter
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24th FBI thriller out now
25th FBI thriller out now
26th FBI thriller out Aug. 2nd

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  • September Newsletter 2022
    15 Sep 2022
    September 22nd is the 265th day of the Georgian calendar. It is also the autumnal equinox. You have my permission to be the first one to forget these facts after you've told one other person, proving what a trivia pain in the butt you are. (And just what does that make me?)
  • August Newsletter 2022
    18 Aug 2022
    A smidgeon of an advert since my brain is fixated on it at this particular point in time – Reckoning, the 26th FBI thriller, is on the three big bestseller lists, thanks to all of you who bought a copy of the ebook or hardcover right out of the gate. Now it’s time to go chew on your neighbors and friends and co-workers -- if there’s overlap, you’ll be off the hook sooner
  • July 2022 Newsletter
    14 Jul 2022
    Middle of the summer. Already. Since we flew from one hub to another, we didn't have the merciless delays or the soul-crushing cancellations. We prayed we were improving our odds by booking a very early flight, better chance of taking off within two hours of purported departure time, which in turn meant we arrived to our hotel in Cape May, NJ, had time to order a pizza, figure out the TV, all before watching the WARRIORS BEAT THE CELTICS IN GAME 6 AND BECOME NBA CHAMPIONS OF THE UNIVERSE For THE -- count them -- FOURTH TIME.