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  • Catherine in a pile of LABYRINTH copies
    13 Days before LABYRINTH mini-newsletter
    17 Jul 2019
    Ah, what incredible bliss to wallow in my picturesque (ha!) Fortress of Words.
  • 19 Days Before LABYRINTH: July mini-newsletter
    19 Days Before LABYRINTH: July mini-newsletter
    11 Jul 2019
    I finally found Labyrinth in the fork of an old oak tree, unable to hide from me because the cover really likes to show itself off.
  • July 4th 2019 news
    July 4th 2019 Mini-Newsletter
    03 Jul 2019
    I was looking at my flag and thinking about tea. As in you could drink Boston Harbor for maybe ten minutes. Yes, that’s a slice of chocolate cake in my hand...
  • Catherine in hydrangeas
    June 2019 Final Newsletter
    27 Jun 2019
    In August I won’t be able to stand in front of this hydrangea bush – it bulges with HUGE pink blooms and is known throughout the neighborhood as the Hydrangea-that-ate-Cleveland.
  • Catherine roses Labyrinth
    1st June Mini-Newsletter 2019
    07 Jun 2019
    Look what I found hiding in my roses, or then again, maybe the roses found LABYRINTH wandering around in the garden, looking for readers...