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  • Deadlock
    Catherine Coulter January 2020 Newsletter
    24 Jan 2020
    Hard to get the brain around it. I mean it’s 2020 --- and doesn’t that write itself so easily, flows right out of the fingers. You know what I want? To dance the Charleston, maybe wearing silk stockings and garters – well, no on the last part. I’ve got to watch YouTube for a Charleston refresher. As I mentioned last month, it’ll be great sport to see if there is a turn to the past. Turning now to the present --
  • Catherine's 2019 Christmas Tree
    Catherine's 2019 Christmas Newsletter
    18 Dec 2019
    Not to be believed. Our teenage decade will shortly turn into the Roaring 20’s. Do you think the clothes designers will zoom back to the 1920’s and skip another revisit to the sixties? Please. Headbands, silk stockings, low-belted dresses. showing, gasp, the knees?
  • The Last Second - trade cover
    Catherine Coulter November 2019 Newsletter
    13 Nov 2019
    What a wonderful month, not only do we have Thanksgiving around the corner with -- count them -- 3 football games, you’re also happily ordering up and wrapping Christmas presents, one of my own favorite pastimes. Let me help you out here: the ideal small gift for someone you really like is THE LAST SECOND, the trade size of Nicholas/Mike’s last outrageous adventure.
  • August 2019 cats
    Catherine Coulter August 2019 Newsletter
    16 Aug 2019
    Welcome back to my once-a-month newsletter. First thing, THANK YOU for all your amazingly over-the-top, 4th of July fireworks (or fire-words), about LABYRINTH.
  • Catherine in a pile of LABYRINTH copies
    13 Days before LABYRINTH mini-newsletter
    17 Jul 2019
    Ah, what incredible bliss to wallow in my picturesque (ha!) Fortress of Words.