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  • April 2023 Newsletter
    18 Apr 2023
    Yep, that's right, we're calling it Super Bloom — what with all the rain in California, the flowers and wildflowers are going nuts, bursting out of their leaves or buds, depending on how persnickety you are, painting the hills red and blue but not black, thankfully.
  • March 2023 Newsletter
    15 Mar 2023
    We go from flowers and chocolates and mushy Valentine's Day cards (thank you, Hallmark) to green beer and parades and drunken orgies for St. Pat's Day on the 17th. Lots of folks visit Savannah for St. Pat's Day and believe me, it's a huge deal. Talk about wild parties and drinking your brains out, Savannah beats out Boston as the place to be and yes, been there, done that. You know, if you don't look, you really don't taste the green in the beer, like drinking non-fat milk, if you don't look at it, it tastes the same.
  • February Newsletter 2023
    22 Feb 2023
    Happy Post Valentine’s Day with Chocolate yummies long gone but there’s still a happy smile on your face? Guys, if you scored chocolates too, do you enjoy the nuts and chews just as much as your significant other? With the result you want to see a romantic comedy? Put extra butter on your popcorn? Wear sexy boxers? Or not?
  • January Newsletter 2023
    18 Jan 2023
    Happy first month of this brave new year: Let's talk new year resolutions: The old perennial – lose weight. I got an idea here: use only a dessert plate (that's right, dump dinner plates, bring them out only for skinny company), load up dessert plate once, and that's it. Walk thirty minutes 3 days a week and you'll be fit and ready to turn heads in how long? How about six months, if you don't cheat and you don't have a lot of skinny friends to dinner.
  • December Newsletter 2022
    15 Dec 2022
    Merry Christmas One and All: So many of you have posted your Christmas decorations, particularly your trees, on my Facebook page. I'm always astounded at the creativity and uniqueness of what you guys come up with. On another note, those of you who are grieving this year and don't want to even recognize Christmas, please do me a favor: put up a tree, doesn't matter if it's big or small, and string lights. I swear to you every time you pass it, you will smile and the world will seem just a little brighter. And everyone, forget any disagreements with friends or family, put them aside and join together to celebrate this amazing time of year.