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  • September Newsletter 2023
    13 Sep 2023
    We've now gotten through the first week of the NFL football season. Those of you who happen to care about football, the Jets were so excited — they'd built up the team, great defense and they signed Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay, a veteran and a Super Bowl quarterback, needless to say, for very big bucks. Excitement filled the air, fans filled the stadium Monday night, everyone was excited over the moon.
  • August Newsletter 2023
    16 Aug 2023
    As many of you know, my husband and I were in Maui, five miles north of Lahaina, when the huge fire hit. The winds were incredible, the smoke so black it was night. We'd been in Lahaina, our favorite town on Maui, on both Sunday and Monday, out on a dinner cruise from Lahaina harbor and back some six hours before the devastation.
  • July 2023 Newsletter
    12 Jul 2023
    The amazing 4th of July is now in the rearview. I won't forget the incredible fireworks we saw (Sausalito, Oakland and San Francisco) -- always awesome. The cities compete to see who can light the sky up with the most dramatic displays.
  • June 2023 Newsletter
    13 Jun 2023
    Organized chaos is just around the corner, leaving this Saturday for the OBX (The Outer Banks, N.C.) for our yearly family reunion with 40 relatives, maybe more this year since people keep insisting on procreating and so the list gets longer and longer and there's so much laughter and eating and ping pong and movies and yelling kids all you can do is go shopping.
  • May 2023 Newsletter
    16 May 2023
    Happy May: Lots of fun things this month: Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day - lots of celebrations and gratefulness and maybe even some margaritas or Diet Snapple with a shot of Grey Goose.