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The “A” Trilogy

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    When Dr. Elliot Mallory meets magazine model Georgina Hathaway everything seems perfect. They love the same jokes, enjoy the same sports and have incredible chemistry together.
    At first it seems like a game to Elliot. But love has a way of making things all too serious. Their worlds are really so far apart. Elliot is ready for a home and a family just as Georgina's career is starting to take off. How can he deny Georgina that? But by letting her go, will Elliot lose the best thing that has ever happened to him?

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    Sensuous romance and rich storytelling are the hallmarks of New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter, who is at her delightful and deliciously passionate best in Afterglow, a story of matchmaking mayhem...and everlasting love.
    What do Chelsea Lattimer and David Winter have in common? Aside from both being single, attractive and successful - absolutely nothing! She's an outspoken, free-spirited romance novelist. He's a physician, with a blue-blood pedigree and all the proper seriousness of his profession.

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    The Aristocrat

    I was raised on American professional football, watching it every Sunday with my dad, and going to the Dallas Cowboy games. Then I proceeded to marry the right guy, also a football nut. Now, living in the Bay Area is a real football treat, what with our incredible San Francisco 49ers.
    I've known guys like Brant Asher since I was a kid. He's a pro football player - sexy, tough, immensely talented, and best of all, good-hearted. By definition, as a pro quarterback, his anatomy would make a woman whimper - trust me on this.