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Vol. 993 No. 339

To boldly go where no one has gone before – I’m so completely jazzed that Captain James Tiberius Kirk went into space – again, only this time for real. William Shatner, 90, went up into space at Jeff Bezos’s invitation, the Jeff Bezos who will rule the world within seven years, no doubt in my mind. When Shatner disembarked, he looked over-the-moon happy, maybe there were tears in his eyes.  What an amazing adventure. Hey, who’s got a quarter mil to spare? Who wants to say “Beam me up, Scottie?”

The Red Witch of Ravenstone FollyNow, back on earth in the U.S. of A., it’s time to prepare for ghosts and fairies and Einsteins, maybe a couple of Freddy Kruegers. Your only defense is tons of candy in a huge bowl (not tooth brushes or boxes of sugar-free gum or you might be shot dead on the spot), so each kid can reach into and pull out as much as his/her hand can hold. And you know they’ll all be bouncing off their parents’ ceilings on massive sugar highs. I’m thinking the parents eat loads of candy too so they can compete to see who bounces the highest.

Speaking of out-of-this-world:  THE RED WITCH OF RAVENSTONE FOLLY , the 5th novella in the Grayson Sherbrooke Otherworldly Adventures is out -- ebook only. From the feedback I’m getting, all those with unquestioned exquisite taste LOVE it. Like the other four novellas, it’s only $2.99. I know many of you only like to read in actual book form – ask and you shall receive. In February, all five novellas will be published in actual print. More info to come later.

Back to earth: If you would like to enter a contest for the Halloween decoration photo I alone judge the best, do post yours on I’m closing down the contest Wednesday, the 20th.  Come on, trot out all your pumpkins and spiders and eyeballs and maybe you’ll wring my withers and win a BOOK (alas, it has to be one of mine).

Happy Halloween

Catherine Coulter