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Vol. Oh No. Tannenbaum

Christmas is nearly on the doorstep, or the roof, ready to bring oodles of joy into your house. Joy is all well and good I've always thought, but it's the wrapped presents under the tree that make your heart thump in anticipation. At our house, first thing, there's sticky buns for breakfast (just a modicum of calories, so don't fret), then it's into the living room or den to rip into beautifully wrapped presents, over in three seconds, and here it took at least 10 minutes to make each look perfect. I know, I know, you can't help yourself.

We still have a week and a half before Christmas, so if you're looking at a Christmas spent alone, and that ain't no fun, then here's what you need to do: NOW - make arrangements with friends or relatives not-too-far away to share this most joyous day. Be sure to offer to bring sticky buns and doors will be wide open.

If you're Jewish, you're really lucky - Hannukah is eight days, can't beat that.

In years past, (actually in every year past) we've always flown from California back east to spend Christmas with loads of family, never just the two of us at home. Since Covid, we of course stayed home and now you couldn't pry us out with a howitzer. But we'll be flying to Florida in January to meet up with lots of family and have a late Christmas in blessedly WARM weather, not the freezing days in New Jersey.

I'll wager you're all wondering what you can get me for Christmas - okay, I'll tell you. FLASHPOINT is up for pre-order. YEA - This would make my Christmas and the best part - you wouldn't even have to wrap it.

If you are not part of our community on, do come post your Christmas decorations (even elves on shelves are welcome) and admire everyone else's. So much ingenuity and every decorated tree is unique.

We have three, count them - three - NFL games on Christmas Day - Chiefs and Raiders, (no I don't know if Taylor Swift will be there), Giants and Eagles, (no, I don't know if the Giants will be there) and my 49ers who'd be playing those pesky Ravens.

Whatever is on the menu for Christmas, start it all off with a sticky bun. (candy cane for later)

Merry Christmas. Talk to you in the New Year.
Catherine Coulter

My Christmas tree pre-havoc
My Christmas tree pre-havoc
My Christmas Present
My Christmas Present