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Vol. Wild No. Card

Do not forget to celebrate Albert Schweitzer's birthday on the 14th. He was quite a mensch (mainly remembered for his medical missionariness in Africa) and deserving of at least one grateful pause in your busy life.

I want all of you to pause a moment or two after your grateful pause to thank Schweitzer and think about the Super Bowl. Who do you think will play and who do you think will carry off the spoils? Come by my Facebook page - ( and post AFTER this wild card weekend, give yourself a better chance. Let it be known to everyone, on the record. If you're right on both counts, you get a prize. What, you ask? The answer really isn't that difficult if you pause a moment and reflect. Even if you're not a football fan, select two teams for fun and come post them.

Off to Florida on the 12th for a late Christmas with lots of family, birthdays, anniversaries, Mexican food. I'm told by the weather people (who are occasionally right) that it'll be in the 60's, the 70's and the 80's, different each day, so they're covering all their bases. Supposedly none of the winter storms will get that far south. Should I take an umbrella and a bikini?

I wish all of you a very happy new year - yikes, 2024. Do you still have to pause a moment and think about the year before you write a check? And here's a question: does anyone still write checks?

Go Niners!

Warriors? I have to pause a moment and think about that.

Happy New Year, good luck with your resolution, and keep your seat belts fastened,

My Christmas amaryllis that always blooms in January
My Christmas amaryllis that always blooms in January