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Vol. Nearly No. Shorts time

If you’ve ever been to Carmel, Ca. you’ll remember the literally dozens of art galleries in the semi-large downtown area, all designed for tourists, of course. I doubt many locals ever go into the myriad shops, clothes, furniture (go figure), restaurants (some are really good so that’s a possibility for locals) and again, all the TONS of galleries. So what? you wonder. We’re going down for a mini-vacation this weekend because – and you’ll not believe this – it’s an art festival! The difference here, I’ve been told, it’s all the local artists (no one living beyond Gdansk is allowed to participate), and those local artists who show up will take their assigned places in the park right on Ocean Avenue (main shopping street that goes down to one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen) and hock their wares. Part of the day you can even watch them painting –- or whatever their medium. There’ll be a contest (and I ask you how do you pick between three slashes of red/white/black on a canvas and a traditional Dutch cows in the meadow with a sweet young lass standing by with her milk pail?) And what’s the prize for the winner? Maybe a trip for two to Gdansk?

QUICK ADVERT: TWICE DEAD, an omnibus with the fifth and sixth FBI thrillers, Riptide and Hemlock Bay, is the Kindle Daily Deal – suck in your breath, let it out slow – it’s true -- only $2.99 – but only on Friday, the 17th. So, write this on your palm and don’t wash it until you’ve ordered the lovely big ebook. Try to remember to smack yourself in the head on Friday and there you’ll see your notice and you can ACT, no hesitation.

QUICK ADVERT No. Two: THE NIGHT CREATURE AT STORNE HOPE, a Grayson Sherbrooke otherworldly adventure novella, is out right this very minute. If you haven’t yet done your duty, but find yourself unable to act until later, then write it on your other palm – Don’t forget it’s ebook only and really cheap. Lots of laughs with the children and chills aplenty.

Happy Memorial Day on the 27th – maybe carry the American flag in the town parade and eat your weight in potato salad since there are no calories on that wonderful day.

Ah, to sit on the pure white beach at the end of Ocean Avenue in Carmel and watch the waves ripple in --

Catherine Coulter

E-book only, $2.99, up for pre-order
The Night Creature at Storne Hope
Twice Dead