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Earth Song

Earth Song came out in 1990. It's now the third of the Medieval Song Quartet and by far the most fun. If you don't hold your sides with laughter, then there's something very wrong with you, trust me on this. I haven't changed a single comma, just glowed with delight at the beautiful new cover.

Meet Philippa de Beauchamp - daring, impulsive, guilty of thinking with her feet and not with her head whenever she's in a bind. Philippa flees her father's castle when she hears she's to be married to the revolting Baron de Bridgport. But her daring escape in a wool wagon becomes a disaster when she winds up at the castle of St. Erth, whose owner, Dienwald de Fortenberry, is a rogue, as smooth and bold as Aquitaine wine, and poor as a church mouse.

What is he to do with a girl who won't tell him who she is, who is as tall as he is, and so beautiful it makes his teeth ache just to look at her?

There are villains to dispatch, mysteries to solve, and a little boy for Philippa to win over. You'll see Graelam and Kassia again. I want you to prepare yourself for lots and lots of laughter.