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    Warrior's Song

    Chandra first appeared in 1984. I've rewritten it extensively and changed the title to Warrior's Song, as this book rightfully belongs in the Song series.
    Chandra de Avenell might look like a golden princess, but she fights like a warrior, dreams a warrior's dreams, and wears a warrior's pride like a suit of armor. She wants to be strong, independent, and free. She has no use at all for a husband.

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    Fire Song

    Fire Song first came out in 1985. It's now the second novel in the Medieval Song Quartet. I haven't done any rewriting, just hummed with pleasure at the beautiful new cover.
    Lord Graelam de Moreton first appeared in Warrior's Song. (originally titled Chandra) He was a warrior, a man both hard and ruthless, a man who took what he wanted and never looked back. He was, and still is, a very bad boy. But things change and Graelam finds himself in a situation he never anticipated: he has gotten himself a wife through no fault of his own.

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    Earth Song

    Earth Song came out in 1990. It's now the third of the Medieval Song Quartet and by far the most fun. If you don't hold your sides with laughter, then there's something very wrong with you, trust me on this. I haven't changed a single comma, just glowed with delight at the beautiful new cover.

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    Secret Song

    Secret Song first came out in 1991. It's the final novel in the Medieval Song Quartet. Like its first three cousins, I didn't do any rewriting, just say with joy at the gorgeous new cover.
    In Secret Song, we get down and dirty. You met Roland de Tournay in Earth Song - a handsome man with a subtle wit and quick tongue who was variously an actor, an adventurer, a master of disguise. Now in Secret Song he meets his destiny when he must rescue Daria of Fortesque from a Welsh stronghold. He's as daring, as clever, as talented as he is. What's a man to do?

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    Come back to England in the year 1277 and meet Hastings of Trent and Severin of Langthorne, two strangers joined in marriage. Hastings is an heiress and Severin is the warrior whom the dying Earl of Oxborough has selected to assume his title, properties, possessions, and his daughter. It is Severin's duty to sire children, to bring strong new blood to the line, and keep Oxborough powerful.
    Hastings thinks he's cold-blooded, severe, merciless. Severin doesn't smile, he looks capable of cruelty, he inspires fear. Then a marten appears over the top of his tunic.

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    The Penwyth Curse

    How would you like to be eighteen and four times a widow? If you live with a curse, sometimes things like this happen. And so they did.
    We have two sets of heroes/heroines; one set is in the present (A.D. 1278) and the other set is, quite simply, sometime else. We have both over- and underlapping stories, a dynamite mystery, lovers underfoot (visit with Dienwald and Philippa from Earth Song) and mega-doses of magic and mayhem. Come back to the present, and maybe even further back than that. I hope you have lots of fun, and smile until your jaws lock.

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    The Valcourt Heiress

    Twenty-four year old Lord Garron of Kersey is on his way home to succeed his late brother, Arthur, as the Earl of Wareham. But on arrival, Garron discovers his home, Wareham Castle, has been nearly destroyed by The Black Demon and his band of bad bad soldiers looking for Arthur's cache of silver coins which remain hidden. The handful of servants who've survived includes a young girl named Merry, supposedly the castle priest's bastard, who is as clever and enterprising as Garron.