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Book Cover
Night Storm

Night Storm is the third in the Night Trilogy, first published in early 1990. I haven't rewritten it, just cleaned up its innards and dressed it in a lovely new cover.

You first met Alec Carrick, Baron Sherard, in Night Fire. He returns full force in Night Storm - and believe me, this man's got force in spades.

He decides he wants to merge with a shipyard in Baltimore, Maryland, and knows he won't have a problem brining the owner around to his way of thinking. Unfortunately, this is where the owner's daughter, Genny Paxton, comes in and presents herself to Baron Sherard as "Eugene" Paxton. Alec, a man of great insight, knows exactly what lies beneath those britches. He gets Genny's goat more times than she can count.

This is a story filled with wit, humor, and outrageous circumstances. There are lots of twists and more spins than a roulette wheel. But that's not the end of it -- there's five-year-old Hallie, Alec's daughter, a charmer who will take hold of your heart and never let go.