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Vol eggplant No. parmesan

September 22nd is the 265th day of the Georgian calendar. It is also the autumnal equinox. You have my permission to be the first one to forget these facts after you've told one other person, proving what a trivia pain in the butt you are. (And just what does that make me?)

It's NFL time again — maybe gazillion QBS hooked up with different teams this season, stirring the pot, making games goofy because you don't know what's going to happen. If you want to join the football pool, (yes, prizes sent from me to you after the Super Bowl). So, bring your competitive self to and join in. I've already put up the 5 picks for week 2. Doesn't matter if you don't know a QB from a TE, throw a dart and go with that team — you havea 50% chance of being right. Like my dad used to say after his favorite team lost, "They folded like a two-dollar suitcase."

In a couple of weeks, it's off with friends for an adventure in New England. Going to visit Maine, Mass, Vermont, NH – prayers the leaves will be bursting with fall color despite the drought they're having, spend days stopping in the middle of the covered bridges, driving folk behind crazy, and rock ‘n roll in Bar Harbor, one of my favorite towns. I'll let you know all the craziness that crosses our paths.

Painless business that you will find fun so do not turn the channel: I'm doing an in-office interview with Q and A afterward on the 22nd at 5:00 p.m. Join author Brenda Novak and me —- I'll post a link on my Facebook page as soon as the interview minions send it to me.

A miracle should occur locally on Sunday. (97% chance) RAIN, you know, that weird wet stuff that falls out of the clouds landing on my roof, on my trees and flowers, and I'll be listening to all the rejoicing coming from the garden.

If you forgot about my latest FBI thriller, here's a photo of Reckoning below to remind you and guilt you.

Clothing optional when you're celebrating the Autumnal Equinox.

Catherine Coulter


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