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Vol. Clean It No. Up

Planning for the HUGE family get-together at the Outer Banks in mid-June. By planning I mean wrapping a gazillion birthday presents which will mean, of course, paying Tullio's June overhead with the, what is it? Twenty? awesome cakes. Then, of course, there's figuring out all the logistics of who's sleeping where, who's cooking when, and who's turn it is to buy more toilet paper. All the houses will be bursting at the seams (love that image). Can you imagine cooking for forty-four starving mouths? (Not bird mouths either.) Hope someone orders hush puppies as a side, love those little suckers. A southern deal, never had them before until the OBX.

Now on to important stuff: The Warriors and Dallas play on the 26th here in San Francisco for the conference championship. It's 3-1 -- so they gotta gird their basketball loins and actually make baskets, get it over with and no more embarrassing drubbings, like game four in Dallas. You know who to cheer for, so don't let me down or there'll be pissed off Minions and their consequences are endlessly inventive and painful. Okay?

Happy Memorial Day -- a special day for us to thank all the military men and women who've kept us free over the countless decades. Like police officers, their mission is to keep bad stuff away and protect us and believe me, I admire them and am eternally grateful. Did you know Memorial Day (originally Decoration Day) was started in 1868 to celebrate northern soldiers after the Civil War? After World War One it became nationalized. (Thank you, Alexa).

A tiny bit of business so don't change the channel:

Since you're still reading this, I know you're a totally virtuous and supportive rabid bookhound. And that means the instant you finish you're going to pre-order RECKONING. Or in five minutes. That's okay too. Take a gander at the awesome cover. RECKONING is the 26th FBI -- Can you believe that? Yep, still cooking. Hand me a hush puppy.


Pre-order now! Awesome Golden Gate Bridge