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Catherine and Clothilde

The only bummer? I had to read THE LAST SECOND to Clothilde (the fertility statue and goddess of the waterfall) because she was afraid she’d get it wet. I do know what she yearns for -- my moose slippers and my lipstick, only in a more earthy shade, and my Warriors jacket. (Hang that one up, Clothilde.)

I hear you saying “I’ve already read THE LAST SECOND, and yes, it was incredible, awesome, dyn-o-mite but how about a Savich & Sherlock FBI thriller?” Did I hear a cheer? No? Well, okay – I’m nothing if not obliging. LABYRINTH, the 23rd FBI thriller, is coming soon – July 30th. Poor S&S -- in the crosshairs of mayhem and madness. (You won’t believe what happens to Sherlock.)

When you go online and look at the LABYRINTH cover, do you hear your mama whisper, “I wouldn’t go in there if I were you…”