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Vol. Go No. Warriors

It’s June already and hard to believe this wonderful year is half gone. But hey, it also means it’s summer which means leaving work behind for a couple of weeks and VACATIONING, which means doing something different from your daily routine, which means bringing your blood pressure way down as you contemplate the mini-umbrella in your mai tai. It also means unhooking your kids from their phones and tablets (you too!) and hiding them. Then the sky’s the limit. Or if you stay at home, you WILL de-stress by making short trips here and there, and don’t forget, devices left at home. I guess the important thing about a vacation, no matter what you do, it has to be a channel change.

As for moi, every single year we go to the Outer Banks (barrier islands off North Carolina coast) for the yearly family reunion, 44 this year in three houses and enough food for a battalion. I can imagine your eyes rolling back in your head – that’s where mine are – but wait – first a plane to a wedding in Cape May, N.J., then a ferry ride to Delaware, then a car ride to Duck (that’s the name of the town, I kid you not) – makes me wonder what John Candy’s doing. Then after the arrival mayhem, which is considerable, trust me, it’s decompression time. I’m hoping my heart slows to just above unconscious and there’s a serene smile on my face.

Time out for a very brief reminder: RECKONING (the 26th FBI with Savich and Sherlock) is out August 2nd – take a look at the amazing cover below. There’ll be an excerpt from RECKONING on my Facebook page ( and on my website ( soon. Hope it grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until you get the book.

Here’s to many mini-umbrellas in your near future.

Happy Summer Solstice,

26th FBI thriller out August 2nd A squadron of pelicans wend their way to the awesome Golden Gate Bridge.