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Vol. 886 No. 116

ParadoxValentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m bringing it up in the frigging middle of January. Why? I’ll tell you -- it’s time for you to give mama (me) a big push – how? you ask, sitting on the edge of your seat. For your Valentine, to go with the chocolates and/or/both a Warrior’s t-shirt, you will be more than golden if you also get your sweetie the trade paperback of PARADOX. What’s so cool about trade rather than hardcover and the regular paperback? You’re asking, again on the edge of your seats. Besides looking extraordinarily cool, the trade PARADOX is larger, easier to read, and, frankly, you don’t have to wait another six months for the standard paperback (unless this format is your preferred delivery system for books). You can pre-order this splendid gift for your other half, a friend, a lover, and your bald tobacco-chewing neighbor you’d like to smack. All right, enough shameless self-promoting my books, at least for a month.

The Last SecondOn to more fun things: The NFL conference playoffs are this weekend. Patriots or the Chiefs? Saints or the Rams? (I know, if you’re from Texas or Pennsylvania, or South Carolina --Clemson has already established itself as Numero Uno college team in the U.S., you obviously don’t give a good hoot -- do you like the way I didn’t curse? -- then skip a couple of lines.) I pick the Patriots and the Rams. You don’t agree? Come to and tell me who you’re rooting for. You’re not a Facebook aficionado? I’m different, give me a try, I post every morning, and we all talk. Come brag about how golden you are since you’ve already pre-ordered both the trade paperback PARADOX (out Feb. 5th) and the hardcover THE LAST SECOND. What’s THE LAST SECOND, you ask? Nearly falling off your seats now. It’s the 6th A BRIT in the FBI thriller, out March 26th. Don’t forget, come see me on my Facebook page, and I’ll anoint you semi-golden for the effort.

I would like to thank all of you who send me Christmas cards and presents every year. I always frame the dining room windows with Christmas cards and display the gifts on my desk where I see them every day. This means you were golden before the first of the year.

Here are covers of both THE LAST SECOND and PARADOX – remember, your goal – you definitely want to be golden in the new year. And, as a monthly bonus, two photos of Eli and Peyton (they wanted to play for the Patriots, but alas they only weigh 16 pounds).

It’s a wondrous new year – a time for gusto and optimism.

Catherine Coulter

Peyton: Imagine what I could do with a football! Eli: Play with that stupid shaped ball? Nah, let Peyton get a horse-collar. I am precious, too valuable to be kicked around.