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October Newsletter 2023 (Yipes)

Vol. Bad No. Kicker

If you are curious about Bad Kicker, I'm referring to that poor person who missed two field goals for the 49ers on Sunday (versus the Browns), the final one this poor person missed should have been the game winner-kicked in the very last second. Now, all of you know football is a team sport, and so I wonder how did everyone act when the poor person slunk in the facility on Monday morning? Did anyone meet his eyes? Did the coaches stay hidden under blankets in their offices? Did Bad Kicker slump and keep his head down? Did team mates pat his back and say, it's okay, while they were really thinking I'd like to pull your tonsils out your ears?

Anywho - no more undefeated teams (Eagles fell to the Jets and wasn't that something). I can see some of you rolling your eyes and thinking about my tonsils and their egress. All right, no more football.

It's Halloween time and I would like to see more of your decorations on my Facebook page at Got some doozies so far so come on, post them. If I'm truly electrified by your sick mind, I'll send you a book - you ain't got no choice, one of mine.

Lots of you have asked about FLASHPOINT, thank you. Alas, I have been informed by the publisher it won't light up your life until the first week of next July - huge sigh. I'll let everyone know when we have a cover and when Flashpoint is up for pre-order (I'll try to cleverly twist your arm.)

At least there's no more Heat Dome - everyone's in sweaters and soon snow will fall and we'll all be whining about winter and how crappy it is. Well, except for me, who lives in paradise.

Don't forget the night of the 31st there are NO CALORIES -

Happy Halloween, 

Crispin and Kathy beneath the Round-the-World-in-80-days balloon
Crispin and Kathy beneath the Round-the-World-in-80-days balloon.
Ferdinand and Gomez and my sweet stylish skeleton girls
Ferdinand and Gomez and my sweet stylish skeleton girls