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Happy Thanksgiving:

I know most of you will have turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and all the other goodies plus pumpkin pie for dessert. Moi? Nope, not this year. This blessed beautiful year I'm going to make pasties, our generational family steak pie (with thin sliced potatoes, bite-size steak, celery, onion, in layers) And a brand-new bottle of catsup. Then Black Friday's breakfast will be glorious – cold pasty (with tons of cold catsup). I'm already salivating. If you're a traditionalist, please do not mock me out or give me grief for this culinary aberration.

Nearly done wrapping a gazillion Christmas presents. My office looks outrageous, maybe a bit over-the-top, a massive blend of colorful packages, bags and ribbons. (See photo below for micro exhibit.)

A painless injection of advertising: The 6th Grayson Sherbrooke Otherworldy Adventure -- The Alarming Disturbance at Holyroodhouse -- is doing great and unless readers are lying to me (always possible) they like it. So, if you haven't read any of the novellas or just this new one – DO – and keep me posted. For those of you who aren't into ebooks, you can read the first five are collected in a beautiful hardcover or trade paperback. For a Thanksgiving gift for me and to yourself, do read the sixth one on ebook.

Here's my most recent working title for (gasp) the 27th FBI thriller -- FLASHPOINT. Does this title make you quiver in anticipation? Since I don't yet know where the plots are headed you won't know either and together we'll be in for a grand surprise.

Do you know, I hesitate to say this for fear of being booed, given the finger, more mocking, told I'm unconstitutional, I do not like homemade cranberry sauce. Nope, I prefer store bought, refrigerated and sliced thick over turkey white meat. Hmm, maybe pasty with a side of turkey and cranberry sauce? To prove I'm not too radical, I love pumpkin pie for dessert, with Cool Whip.

Don't forget, when you're gathered around the bulging table, be sure to take turns and say what you're thankful for, and no, you can't say cranberry sauce. And no, you can't say three continuous pro football games. Get in the spirit, folks.

Blessed Thanksgiving to all you amazing people –

Catherine Coulter

The Alarming Disturbance at Holyroodhouse
A smattering of Christmas presents