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Vol 492, No. 502


So many of you have told me you went directly from Halloween to Christmas –- a fantastic idea – or, like me, do both Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time. There’s no reason to wait to bring out the bright Christmas decorations, the multi-colored lights strung up on the front of the house, maybe even a couple of reindeer and an inflatable Santa. So, bring on the garlands and the wreaths, the trees and the Christmas door mats and spread smiles and good cheer until the end of the year. Walk around the neighborhood, note who’s got their Christmas lights up and who doesn’t, and maybe leave them a secret Santa candy cane.

After the first of the year we’ll think of something else. Or leave up the Christmas lights for as long as you like. Why not?

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re having Virtual Thanksgiving this year with family and everyone is ordered to come up with a reason to be thankful in this freaky year of 2020. I’m thankful for the new tradition of hiking and more hiking and eating TACOS outside every weekend at The Cantina. Now, think about what you’ll say when you zoom your family on Thanksgiving. Think of one BIG thing you’re grateful for, like calling friends and family members more often than you ever did before, encouraging each other to stay safe, wear masks, and be smart, e.g., don’t walk up to strangers and give them a big smooch, or get into a fistfight not wearing gloves.

And happy early Christmas, too -- why not?

Here's another thing I’m VERY grateful for: despite having COVID brain, I’m finishing VORTEX this week, the 25th FBI thriller! VORTEX will be out next August, by which time we’ll all be vaccinated.

No one on this earth will ever forget 2020. Be sure and pose for family photos, everyone wearing masks, so 100 years from now people can look back and say, Would you believe the shoes they wore back then?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Catherine Coulter