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Catherine Coulter March Newsletter 2020

Vol. 771 No. 993

Hello Brave New World:

We're all great readers. And do you know why that's so important? Being a great reader means we're all super smart, super loaded with common sense and a strong desire to get through the tunnel with as little risk as possible. We all know the best way to get through is simply to read more, maybe even take a book outside if it's warm enough, sit under a tree or on a swinging bench on your front porch. Of course, when you finish a chapter, it's time for you to get up and  stretch and walk, walk, walk, and wave and speak to everyone, talk about "mental health" outings -- and laugh -- compare stories -- all from 8 feet. I love the term "social distancing" -- who came up with that, do you know? It's just so cool.

If you're working, you know what to do and you're doing it -- you're paying attention, and please, please, smile.

I'm ready for my belly rub
I'm ready for my belly rub. If you would please use a mechanical hand and finger extender so we can keep proper social distance. -- Eli

Eli and Peyton, alas, do not realize the world is in a pickle and I find I'm giving them treats whenever they give me the "look" -- those of you with cats/dogs/husbands/wives know the "look." You notice I didn't put "kids" in my list -- they'll tell you right to your face, a dozen times.

One thing you should absolutely do: Those relatives/friends you rarely see, EMAIL THEM, find out how they're doing, and CALL THEM. Every day, connect -- share stories, learn new things.

Remember, this shall pass and you will have another hundred great books under your belt in the meantime. Stay safe.

Catherine Coulter