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Vol. 22 No 77

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Green beer? Excuse me? Who does that? I mean, could you be convinced that to properly celebrate this lovely Irish day, you are required to pour GREEN beer down your gullet? Hey, can you get GREEN beer Light? Would the color be a lighter green?

We all survived the Ides of March, at least I haven't heard any of you yell about a dude named Brutus, followed by voluminous curses.

The way things work in publishing: VORTEX isn't out until August 10th yet I'm writing the 26th FBI thriller. So, half my brain is getting ready for Vortex and the other half has dived right into yet another deep end. You'll be relieved to know I do realize roughly where I'm going. But here's the deal: I'm still going back and forth on a title. So far, I've got Haywire, Payback, Catalyst -- those three fit the book, and all three sound pretty cool. But I'm open to more title ideas. Let me know if you're struck by inspiration. But a single word, like the above, not Sexy Sunset on the Bayou, for example.

I hope everyone is getting lots of exercise, e.g.,
doing a lot of hiking, walking all over your neighborhoods, always with a critter, even if you have to rent one.

If you're sinking neck-deep in snow, stiff upper lip, and be sure to take a deep breath before you go under. This too will end.

Everyone, get vaccinated as soon as you can and increase the size of your bubble as those around you get vaccinated as well. If you feel on the crappy side for a day, who cares? The last thing you want to catch is COVID. So, get yourself signed up on lists, and if there are people to bug about it, keep bugging them.
We will get through this, we're already well over one hundred million shot-up arms.

Get out there, smile, skip, hop, don't forget an Irish jig or your green beer (light). Erin go bragh!

Catherine -- vaccinated, alive and kicking in the second year of COVID

Peyton & Eli at 4 months, dreaming of salmon treats The Golden Gate Bridge with diamond sparkles on the water