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You don't see any mountains, do you?
You don't see any mountains, do you?

Vol. 555 Number 993

What a glorious June -- just look out the window and behold the vivid greenery and the multitudes of flowers beginning to burst out, and your heart sings. And pizza - during the lockdown I learned to make the best pizza in the land. Neighbors tried to break into the house to steal it once the pizza scent got out there. Couldn't ever recognize them because they were wearing masks - legitimately. And I accused each neighbor by name, and they all lied clean. If only I'd thought to invent a pizzalizer test. And don't forget the hikes -- the amazing mile-upon-mile, the loose rocks on the path to send you to your butt, and some trails so steep you don't have the breath to pray. Ah, but standing on the summit of the ridge thirty miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, spread out like a banquet in front of you are green hills and towns and in the misty distance you can see San Francisco.

Those of you who yearly suffer extremely warm temps may not want to hike up mountains. You could end up weeping at the midway and know it's double-in now. Yes, that happened to yours truly and the weeping is nearly en point.

Available July 28th, 2020

Didn't make it to the OBX this year, but all the couples with young kids went to the one large house we'd kept reserved, hoping someone would be able to use it. More than twenty East Coast relatives with all the young cousins are there this very week and all the photos show they're having a blast. I hang my head in shame at the jealousy I'm feeling -- no Mustang Sally's, no Tullio's Bakery, and no long, long stretch of gorgeous white sand, your toes digging in until a nice big unexpected wave breaks close to shore and you're running.


Wherever you live, whatever you do during the day, take thirty minutes, maybe after sunset (if you've freely chosen to live in the warmer climes), and get out there and WALK. A nice steep hill is good too, but maybe not every day.

AHA, you thought I'd forget, didn't you? WRONG. Here's your quick painless reminder: LABYRINTH in paperback is out July 28th along with the new FBI thriller, DEADLOCK. Consider pre-ordering an autographed copy of DEADLOCK from Barnes & Noble. Imagine how you'll hyperventilate because you know Savich and Sherlock are really gonna mix it up with the baddies.

Happy June and Happy Summer Solstice. Slurp up those swan-dive margaritas at your favorite newly-opened (outside) cantina. No weeping.

Catherine Coulter