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Vol. Brain No. Dead

The amazing 4th of July is now in the rearview. I won't forget the incredible fireworks we saw (Sausalito, Oakland and San Francisco) -- always awesome. The cities compete to see who can light the sky up with the most dramatic displays. Even better there's no fire danger since they're all shot off from barges in the Bay. I'm told by a neighbor whose dog freaks out at the noise barrage that a vet-prescribed doggie downer does the trick. For those doggie parents who are nervous too, a glass of wine will do the trick. Then there's hot dogs (with mustard, of course) and potato salad (with a dollop of yellow mustard and white vinegar, of course) and baked beans (with crispy bacon bits, of course) — always a must, and even with mildly pulsing thighs from all the indulgence, no one cares.

Excellent news that won't cost you a dime and will take only a minute or two. There are two sweepstakes for historical romances going on for just one more week, so don't forget to enter and chant with bare feet, 'I'm a winner, I'm a winner.' Click on the links, read about all the books you're going to win and take the plunge. The grand prize winner will receive ALL the books plus an ereader. Both contests end Wednesday, July 19th so ENTER NOW:

Christmas in July (Historical Romance):

Warriors, Vikings, and Outcasts:

Off to Maui in early August — it's been a long time and I imagine there have been changes. If anyone has been there in say the last three years, let me know what you think it would be cool to see/do. Shopping and beach, maybe a drive to Hana and???

Enjoy this lovely summer and don't forget that hot dogs (with yellow mustard, of course) are excused until the end of the month.

Aloha — 

San Francisco fireworks The alien invasion
San Francisco fireworks -- The alien invasion
Sausalito fireworks The Devil has landed
Sausalito fireworks -- The Devil has landed