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December Newsletter 2022

Vol. On-time No. flights

Merry Christmas One and All: So many of you have posted your Christmas decorations, particularly your trees, on my Facebook page. I'm always astounded at the creativity and uniqueness of what you guys come up with. On another note, those of you who are grieving this year and don't want to even recognize Christmas, please do me a favor: put up a tree, doesn't matter if it's big or small, and string lights. I swear to you every time you pass it, you will smile and the world will seem just a little brighter. And everyone, forget any disagreements with friends or family, put them aside and join together to celebrate this amazing time of year.

As for moi and Other Half, this year we're spending Christmas in Port St. Lucie, Florida with family. Imagine, wearing capris and flip flops on Christmas Eve while singing Little Drummer Boy and eating holiday winter fixings, like really hot shepherd's pie and baked taters. A family member said chittlins' is the best, and does anyone actually know that that is? Alas, no going outside to have snowball fights (also a great way to solve disagreements) or building snowmen, I fear it's going to be hurling ice cubes or going swimming with the alligators. Be careful, you don't want to be their Christmas chittlins'.

A fun notice: Here's the cover of the new Grayson Sherbrooke novella, The Alarming Disturbance at Holyroodhouse. Here's the link: Click on it, answer the three questions and voila! You're entered in a very cool giveaway contest. (No, I will not tell you what the winners prizes will be. Three guesses, but hey, you might be wrong.) Of course, this means you really have to read the new novella before entering and that'd be my Christmas present from you.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Hanukkah, whenever you open your gifts and the kids are all yelling and tearing open your beautiful wrapping paper and hurling it in the air and trying to ride the new bicycle in the living room, try to remember this is a blessed day, a day of joy and excitement and say a prayer for peace in our amazing world.

God bless you everyone - Tiny Catherine

The Alarming Disturbance at Holyroodhouse