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Vol. 009 No. 110

Happy Nearly Longest Day of the Year – the 21st:

June is so amazing -- isn’t it wonderful to have bright sunlight hit your eyeballs at 6:00 a.m. and whoa – they pop right open? Because it seems much later and your bod is fooled into thinking, wow – 12 hours sleep! On the reverse side, if you go to bed early, it’s still light out and you feel like a child sent to bed early for texting your BFF during dinner.

Off this weekend for the Outer Banks, or the OBX as the locals and quasi-locals call it. This summer, we’re talking 40 family members (including 11 children – yes, ELEVEN) for a week of some sunshine, some clouds, some rain and baking temps (mid to upper 80s). All in all, just about perfect. The big main house on the beach, where dinner is served every night and folk are in and out all day, is huge -- three floors, 9 bedrooms -- but with 11 kids (age 9 years down to 1 month), it’s like you’re inside a Rubik’s cube. What do I do? Dive into the waves, to be flattened by a six-year-old on a boogie board or dive into the swimming pool to be grabbed by the ankles by the six-year-olds and dragged under.

Thursday nights are always performance art (I use these two terms very loosely). This year the theme is “Ghouls” – Everyone will dress up and sing something wildly fun, and the make-up should be crazy and kooky, mysterious and spooky. Speaking of the Addams family, we’re going to be Gomez and Mortitia Addams and sing. We’ve added some verses and will really ham it up with “Mon Cher” and “Cara Mia” and dancing. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Now, let’s talk about food for the whole week including the consumption of 75 loaves of homemade bread -- need I say more? Okay, a little more: 12 birthday cakes, and this year, with a newly-married niece, a big wedding reception cake on Monday night. Good luck to all the dieters!

Reminder: You’ve all seen the amazing video teaser for PARADOX, the 22nd Savich and Sherlock FBI thriller. If you haven’t pre-ordered your “signed” copy (yep, I signed over 2,000 books) – do it now before I expire of anticipation. If you want to see the video teaser, go to or to my web site:

Also there isn’t only ONE excerpt from PARADOX, there are TWO -- I mean, what a deal.

I hope you’re all ready to dance around a big bonfire in the woods to celebrate the summer solstice. Clothing optional.

Ah, mon cher --


Eli: This is not a handle Peyton: I am CAT. Hear me meow
Eli: This is not a handle. Peyton: I am CAT. Hear me meow.