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Vol. 222 No. 015

I know, it’s amazing, it’s freaky, it’s unbelievable, yet it’s here and we must accept it, and shudder --- 2018 --- Yes, you read the numbers right, it’s nearly to the 2020’s, nearly a hundred years since the 1920’s. And what do the 1920’s make you think of? Dancing the Charleston, short skirts, clever stockings, bobbed hair, everyone drinking their brains out and smoking their lungs into pulpy gray yuck? Women led the way – it was a time of wonderful expression of freedom and this is what it looked like and danced like and cut its hair like – (alas, smoked like). As for the men -- ‘hey, it’s really sweet to look at a woman’s legs and not be thought a perv.’ Remember before WWI, women wore corsets, petticoats and dresses brushing the ground. And they never smoked and they tippled in private. What will happen when the clock turns to 2020? My prediction is there will be a complete resurgence of everything from the 1920’s, including clothes, dances, hair styles, speak easies. And the media, the fashionistas, movies and books, advertising, etc., will be portraying the roaring twenties and you and I will eagerly embrace any and all things roaring.

Announcement: One of my favorite thrillers of the FBI series – BLINDSIDE -- is RIGHT THIS INSTANT a nearly inconceivably meager $1.99 in e-Book, available at all purveyors of ebooks, until the 28th. Teaser: Sheriff Katie Benedict, Jessborough, Tennessee, saves the life of a little boy and her world turns upside down. As if that’s not enough, Savich and Sherlock must find out how Reverend McCamy, a charismatic cult leader in Jessborough, fits into a big, very dangerous puzzle. Just to give you an idea – it’s non-stop action – I lie to you not. If you haven’t read BLINDSIDE or want it on your iPad or whatever, now’s your chance. Do tell me what you think.

ParadoxTAKE A LOOK AT the cover of PARADOX, my 22nd FBI thriller. I’ve never before had a cover this unique, this evocative, this unusual. I love it and it fits the story very well. PARADOX is up for Pre-order now. The publication date is July 31st and yes, I sent them the manuscript last Friday – yes, a celebration was had, including a bit of tippling. Teaser: A chief of police is innocently standing on the deck of a cottage on Lake Massey, enjoying Turkish espresso, and sees a man stand up in a row boat and club another man on the head and dump him overboard. What a fricking start to the day.

BIG TREAT: cast your eyes down the page and take a look at Peyton when he was three months old and looking Egyptian. When he wanted a drink, he sat in the bathroom sink. He was so adorable your withers were in a constant state of being wrung.

Happy Play-offs, stay warm and safe, and don’t forget the popcorn—

Catherine Coulter

Peyton in sink              Peyton on perch