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Eli & peyton 6 month old kittens
We’re only six months old but we both know Motherfood has something for us, maybe tuna flakes? Very small chunks of chicken (white meat, of course)? A new toy later, please. Isn’t it cool how some things don’t change, even after ten years?
-- Eli and Peyton

Vol. 713 No. 4


The oddest thing happened when I was writing the 4th Grayson Sherbrooke novella – I actually dreamed I was at Camelot at King Arthur's Court. He was middle-aged, white streaking his dark hair, but still the King of the Britains, Excalibur fastened to his belt. And guess what? Guinevere and Lancelot were middle-aged too. Guinevere was a pretty plump matron with a double chin. As for Lancelot, he complains about his back hurting after a fight. And so, what did I do? I wrote these charming three ancient folk into the novella. And yes, it works. I hope King Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot all grew old together, all loyal to each other.

The title of the new Grayson Sherbrooke is THE VIRGIN BRIDE OF NORTHCLIFFE HALL and as with the first three, it will be ebook only. (That's because a novella is only about 20,000 words as opposed to an FBI thriller that's about 100,000 words and so they're too short for a publisher to put in a paperback.) My best guess is that this novella will be out in about two months – I'll let you know exactly when in the next newsletter. I visited Camelot in Tintagel, Cornwall. Was that really King Arthur's home? I choose to believe it was. Standing there, looking at ruins and the sea, it stretches your brain backward, gives you shivers. Talk about cool.

Let's "leap" to other matters. What do you do with a February that suddenly has 29 days, and you happen to be born on that weird extra day? You leap? But then, if you do, you won't get to drink beer legally for a very long time. And you'd miss all those lovely birthdays with CAKE and PRESENTS and you're the center of attention. If you happen to be a leap year baby, you need to tell your parents as soon as you can talk there'll be no leaping for you – you want to celebrate your birthday on both the 28th and March 1st. Those of you who are undecided, go for it. Why not?

Happy Valentine's Day, Catherine Coulter