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Vol. 555 No. 215

Happy Perfect Vacation Month:


Time is NOT relative, no matter what the wild-haired dude postulated. Time knows no limits, no restraints, time is anxious to find a finish line and cross it first. But where exactly is the finish line? And is there anything or anyone to come in second? I only wish the Powers That Be would slow time down just a little bit, say make it less fleeting, as it were. If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you'll remember the episode when Leonard, Raj and Howard get stoned and Leonard tells Raj the Earth is moving too fast and to slow it down. Raj does exactly that. I need a Raj. It's hard to believe September is just around the corner.


Before present time escapes, let me tell you VORTEX, my 25th FBI thriller, came out on Tuesday. Keep your digits crossed, VORTEX is fast out of the gate (like fricking time). To those of you who pre-ordered it, you all deserve a slice of chocolate decadence cake -- okay two slices. To those of you ready to ebook it or get the hardcover, YEA, I thank you and hope you forget time altogether when reading it which means I don't have to send Raj by.

On my Facebook page, my Instagram page and my website you're going to find A BIG TREAT.

I swear you won't be disappointed. If you are, however, in a rare foul mood, you might not be as excited as you should be, but by the time I know about it, time would have disappeared into the past and doesn't matter any longer.

So, enjoy VORTEX and the audiogram and the video teaser -- be sure to turn the volume up.

Say you're vacationing in Hawaii this month. You have to go through lots of hasslement in order to be allowed on the islands to spend money and lie on their beaches, so be aware. Understandable, given everyone in the known universe (maybe those far far away as well) wants to visit and drink mai tai's and read VORTEX on the white sand.

Enjoy the rest of August and all of VORTEX --

Catherine Coulter