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Vol. 40 No. 11

Happy April: Guess what? I was actually at both our local outdoor malls over the weekend. Imagine, actually going into stores and touching merchandise (what a concept!) -- everyone with masks on, of course, seeing familiar sales people, other shoppers and everyone is excited. I went into Barnes & Noble and was greatly pleased to see my books taking up several shelves in two different sections. I signed all the books while the manager autograph-stickered them. He told me his dad was an EMT and he wasn't about to get vaccinated, ranted at his son -- the manager -- not to do it either. Go figure, he told me, and I did try to figure it, but I couldn't. Why wouldn't someone in the medical profession not leap over tall buildings to get vaccinated?

The manager said he'd build an artful shrine of my books at check out. Blessed man.

No worries about tax deadline yet since it's been postponed until May 17, although a lot of you have told me you already have your refund and enjoying the fruits of said refund. Ah, have you visited Barnes & Noble yet?

I can't remember if I mentioned it, but VORTEX, the 25th FBI thriller, is out August 10th. The 25th? And I'm still rarin' to go. More unashamed promoting VORTEX later, you get a break until July. Well, June.

In addition, I've already done a deep dive into the 26th FBI, titled RECKONING. What an amazing word, makes you wonder if there's deep caca lurking around the corner, not for you, naturally, but for some other deserving really rotten **** bad-ass.

Spring is here and even up north you're beginning to thaw out and there's lots to look forward to and celebrate. Don't forget Earth Day on the 22nd.

So outside, folk, mask up, and skip and dance and sing and say hello to everyone you see on your two-mile walk on your way to the mall.

Catherine Coulter