February/March Newsletter 2012

I love my leopard catnip worm - Cleo

Hello Everyone:

Hard to believe February is gone, simply over never to return. I spent two weeks in Kentucky basically off the planet and out of time, so it passed me right by. I'm back home now, finished doing the editor edit of BACKFIRE (the 16th FBI). So now it's on to the next FBI saga. Unfortunately I can't even remember the half-assed plot I'd started, so it'll be brain rebooting for me.

Can you believe the Giants pulled off the Super Bowl win yet again? (Hey, Peyton, you wanna kiss my ring?) Now we'll see if Indy loses their QB. If he leaves, I hope Peyton selects Arizona as his new home -- Larry Fitzgerald would really shine with Peyton at the helm. Alas, now it's big-time football withdrawal until August.

BIG TROUBLE COMING: Everyone's talking about a drought this summer in California. So, if you know any rain gods, (no fakes, please) give them my address, we're getting to the edge here, not to mention the skiing is in the process of sucking big time.

LISTEN UP: If you haven't yet visited me on Facebook, do come and join in the fun. I'm thinking it's time for a new character-naming contest, you don't want to miss that.

All of you take special care on the Ides of March. It's not as bad as April 15th (the IRS Ides), but you never know what lurks around a dark corner --