November Newsletter 2017

November Newsletter cats

This is a very cool bag - Cleo

Vol. 449 No. 117

Have we reached the speed of light yet? I mean this time next week it’s chomping down on a turkey leg (not! only breast), wallowing in the cornbread and sausage dressing, the marshmallow-soaked sweet potatoes – sorry, got to stop, my thighs are pulsing.

Thanksgiving Gift: The publisher is getting into the giving spirit right now. If you missed THE LOST KEY, the 2nd international suspense thriller in A BRIT in the FBI series (written with the gorgeous J.T. Ellison, who won’t eat turkey legs either) – it’s available everywhere in ebooks for only $2.99, from now til Nov. 26th.

Christmas/Hanukah Gift: Talk about the real Christmas spirit, the publisher is practically giving away NEMESIS, one of my personal favorites of the FBI series (the one in which Sherlock kicks big butt). NEMESIS ebook is available from 12/10 to Christmas Eve for only $1.99. Hint, hint, what a perfect Christmas present. (Hey, maybe a new iPad to provide instant reading pleasure. Or not.) $1.99 -- no one knows how little you pulled out of your wallet for this phenomenal, exciting, completely cool book. You might even score. What, you ask? I’m not going there.

It’s so soon, too soon really, but, folks, in 6 weeks this precious year 2017 is over, to be pushed into the time archives, with good, bad, rotten memories. All we can ever hope for, I guess, is more good ones than rotten. I’m thankful for the pleasure of life and all those I love.

Here’s to a huge slice of pumpkin pie with your name on a pastry leaf on top and three – count them – three football games.

Happy Thanksgiving,