Catherine Coulter October 2017 Newsletter

October Cats

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Vol. 343 Number 127

Happy Halloween:

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to many of you, but it’s now Fall, very nearly Halloween, and time to pull out the long johns or the short johns, depending. Who amongst you believe time is relative? How about fleeting? How about fickle?

InsidiousOkay, now GREAT ANOUNCEMENT:  My nifty publisher is offering INSIDIOUS (the 20th FBI thriller) in EBOOK ONLY at – are you ready for this? -- $299. (Oops – make that $2.99) But only until the 29th then the circus folds the tent and leaves town. So now’s your chance to score big.

One other announcement: If you do not happen to live in Natick, Mass, you’re still in luck, you can do this by clicking here:

You have to be of the romantic persuasion for this auction which will be on eBay from Oct.22nd (8pm) to Oct. 29th (8pm). I’ve donated some my classic historical romances and some of my contemporary romantic suspense. The proceeds are for the Bacon Free Library (if anyone tries to change that name, they’ll have to deal with me, why yes, extra crispy, thank you for asking.)

We’ve had a weather bomb dropped on us – Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and the fires north of San Francisco – Sonoma, Napa, to name two towns I know you’ll recognize. We have 9,000 fire fighters from everywhere battling the flames. Surely having so many acres burned is a bad thing, but thousands of homes are gone, and that’s the tragedy. Today, it’s looking better and after the rain tonight, thinks will be even better.  If you want to help, let me recommend North Bay Fire Relief.  Every single cent donated goes directly to assist the victims. Click here:

If you want to see my Halloween decorations, please go to, then to my photo gallery. Are you guys are nuts as I am, rather, do you like to decorate, I mean, like really decorate, for Halloween? Doesn’t matter if you don’t have kids banging down your door with a roll of toilet paper in one chocolate-smeared hand to decorate your trees if you don’t have candy. We don’t have kids either, doesn’t matter. Don’t you just love peanut butter snickers? And what a guilt-free excuse?

So get out there in your princess outfit or your troll duds, grab hold of a big bucket (with your name on it, of course) and go forth and gather up all the goodies. (Don’t forget the toilet paper, someone might be away from home, or a grouch.)

Happy Halloween, Catherine Coulter