Catherine Coulter July 2017 Newsletter

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I see the drone too-maybe it's carrying tacos? - Eli

No tacos? Ain't no freakin inedible drone gonna mess with me - Eli

Vol. 007 No. 007A

HAPPY MIDDLE OF SUMMER: Big, Gorgeous July, and I know you’re off lying on warm sand or visiting with your family or snow skiing in New Zealand. And what is yours truly doing throughout this big gorgeous July, you might wonder? Do you think yours truly is yodeling on top of the Alps, looking down at both Switzerland and Italy, and doesn’t that sound weird? Of maybe YT is off fishing in an incredibly cold crystal clear lake in Alberta?

Sorry, muchachas and muchachos. Yours truly is at home, wearing a fake tan, working on PARADOX, --– WAIT FOR IT --– the 22nd FBI thriller. And what an adventure I’ve gotten pulled into. Picture finding dozens of human bones at the bottom of a lake, picture a gone-postal young man fresh out of jail bent on revenge. Picture being tied and gagged and left to starve to death in a closet in a haunted house. Oh my, wipe my sweating brow. Mai Tai, please.

The Devil's Triangle You want to know what else about PARADOX? People (okay, characters) keep popping up saying, ‘Look at me, look at me, I’m really interesting and readers will adore me!’ And then they jump in the plot pot and shake it (not stir) all up and the stew slowly changes into a creepy and staggeringly delicious bouillabaisse. You think I’m a tease? Just you wait to see what teaser you get next month.

Now, moving smartly along:

To see very cool graphics of characters from THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE with captions from the book (out Aug. 28th in paperback) come to The first graphic shows Kitsune leaping over the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. What is going on here? Hey, that’s a big leap! If you haven’t yet read THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE, prepare yourself for boundless excitement, nail-biting scariness and, as in the first three BRIT thrillers, once again narrowly escaping the jaws of death. We’re talking full-bore commitment to kill off my heroes. Ain’t fiction fun?

Hope you’re having as much fun as yours truly – Catherine coulter