Catherine Coulter March 2017 Newsletter

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Vol. 031 No. 500

Beware the Ides of March. I wondered for a long time what Ides meant, I mean, something like March eyes seeing something you did wrong? Okay, don’t beg, I’ll tell you. Ides is from the old Roman calendar, roughly the middle day of each month, all made famous by Julius Caesar and Shakespeare because it’s the actual day (March 15, 44 BC) Julius Caesar went (unwillingly) to the Great Beyond by the hand of his good bud Brutus, later of Pop Eye fame.

So, what’s the big deal about March, other than the Ides and St. Patrick’s Day, of course? Come on, guess, you can get it. Spit it out, that’s right:

The Devil's TriangleTHE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE comes out Tuesday, the 14th, one day short of doom (at least for Caesar). What’s this mean to you? It means hours of fun and nail-biting excitement, awe and shock and a great finish. (Like Secretariat, I always deliver). So it would be foolish for you to deny yourself, what with the great deals for the pre-orders, for example if you want an already signed copy, you go to Barnes & Apple iBooks has given THE DEVIL’s TRIANGLE their special stamp of approval, something like “Hold on to your hat!” And Amazon has marked down that gorgeous hardcover to $14.66, and the audio to $14.68. All this adds up to your getting a great deal, so Riverdance your way aboard the book band wagon. I and all my minions will applaud your perspicacity. (Try saying that three times fast.)

If you are a hard-sell, click here and read an excerpt from THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE.

St. Patrick’s Day: Who among you drinks green beer? Who wears green to work or to the gym or on a date? Who wears green underwear or green socks? Please, don’t talk about green teeth or wait -– just imagine green dragon breath wafting your way.  >Did you know that there are three times more Irish Americans than pure Irish in Ireland?

After you get your heart slowed down when you’ve read the last page of   THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE , be sure to email me at to tell me how much you loved the book or to I’m there every morning busting around with readers.

Let’s all give a nod to Shakespeare – and shout into your green beer “Erin go bragh” (and what does that mean? Ireland forever!)

Catherine Coulter