October 2014 Newsletter

October newsletter

I am both noble and inquisitive - Peyton

Not noble yet, but I'm #1 on the cuteness scale - Baby Peyton

Vol. 338 No. 110

Hello all goblins, witches, Super heroes and their enablers:

I love Halloween even though we've never had a single kid tromp up our driveway in all the years we've lived here.  This is because the enabler takes one look at the hill to be climbed and does a fast about-face. This is a huge bummer. However, I always buy candy by the bushel, which means everyone who steps into the house puts on a good four pounds, and enjoys doing it.

THE LOST KEY (2nd book in A Brit in the FBI series) has come in the first couple of weeks high on all the bestseller lists. Many thanks to all of you who've contributed to the lovely showing, and a thank you in advance for those of you who haven't yet gotten yourselves umphed enough to purchase this wonderful, exciting, incredible book, but are now revved up and heading to the store RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  Enjoy and prosper.

Are you ready for some Football? Actually, no big whoop -- I'm thirteen13-15, which is nothing to brag about in this universe. If you want to join the pool, and the fun, come to Facebook.com/catherinecoulterbooks to play.
Congratulations to Peyton for breaking the all-time touchdown passes record. Ah, but the pain -- it was at the expense of the 49ers.

How about those Giants? I gotta say GO GIANTS! (Come on, what would you expect?)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Let me begin by reminding you of the written-in-stone rule that you will take to heart: If you're within 200 miles of the event you are required to come or zombies will climb into bed with you, and they have very bad breath.
So here's your assignment: On November 8th, 2014, you will come to the USS Midway in San Diego to the Veterans Benefit Book Fair between 9:00 and 5:00. The web address is www.VeteransBookFair.org. There will be gazillions of writers there to sign your books, panels to answer all but the most impertinent questions, and ALL the proceeds go to military families and veterans' organizations. It's not only for a wonderful cause, it's a chance to schmooze with all those authors you love to read, including yours truly, so please come. (Or the zombies will know.)

Below is a picture of Gil and Winified, being watched over by Gomez the Vulture. If you want more Halloween pictures of my house, come to my Facebook page.

Gil and Winified, being watched over by Gomez the VultureHappy Halloween -- (Know this is the only time enabling is acceptable) --