May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter

Yes, I'm in charge here. - Cleo

I want to be in charge someday. - Peyton

Vol. 448 No. 881

Happy May you be happy:

I love Hump Day. Now, forget the camel for a moment: something really cool you want to LOOK AT right this minute: Go to this web site now:  You can bid to have lunch with me in Sausalito (Yep, I'm only paying for lunch, forget the private jet, that's a myth), you can bid to have a lunch with J.T. Ellison and me in San Antonio (again, no jet, probably Mexican) on July 26th and you can bid on my books as well as others and get them autographed. Plus, there's a gazillion other great things you can bid on and ALL proceeds go to support  juvenile diabetes research. So you can get stuff you really like and you earn both virtue and non-sucky karma points.

THIS IS VERY EXCITING:  I sponsor a young gymnast, for seven years now. Kiwan Watts is now 17 and has won more ribbons and awards than can fit into his bedroom. At Nationals last week in Long Beach, Kiwan came in 4th -- this means he's the 4th best gymnast in his age group in the U.S. How about them apples? He is beautiful, so graceful you sigh when you watch him, and he's strong. There are two photos of him below. Look and cheer -- what an awesome accomplishment. Congratulations, Kiwan.

Other News: You can pre-order both Power Play (FBI, out July 8th) and The Lost Key (Drummond, out September 30th). Power Play brings back Special Agent Davis Sullivan, a tough fun guy who saves the Ambassador to the UK. Throw in Blessed Backman (remember what he can do -- KnockOut) and he's back for revenge, and you've got a page turner to make you miss at least two meals but who cares? you can simply drink.

The Lost Key is a fricking hair-on-fire crazy wild Drummond/Caine adventure and you know very well that I am never guilty of exaggeration. (Haven't I assured you of this a million times?) It's Drummond's first day at the New York Field Office and he immediately gets called to a bizarre murder.

In addition to all the pulse-pounding fun in the above two offerings, you can also pre-order Bombshell, paperback (out June 24th) and The Final Cut paperback (out September 2nd). Madam Zarenska says: Hmmm, I see lots of really excellent books in your future.

We're boiling in the volcano crater here in San Francisco. Naturally there's very little AC since usually the hot weather only hits once a year, normally in September. This is the THIRD hot spell for us this year. I know, you're thinking we've done some evil things out here, but I swear, no more than usual, so why are we getting cooked? Oh lookee there, the fog's starting to creep in through the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe we've been absolved of our sins.

June is on a landing approach and that means The Outer Banks with 35 to 40 family members (usually very little drama) for a week and an indecent amount of food. Too, we now have costume night -- I'm going to be Wilma Flintstone -- red wig and the white rock balls necklace and my husband (Fred) will sleep with Dino. WILMA!

P.S. Don't forget -- come to -- Madam Zarenska says: Difficult to calculate the karma points.