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Vol. 773 No. 444

Happy St. Patrick's Day:

      So who actually drinks green beer, eats green mashed potatoes,  and sticks on tattoos of shamrocks all over their body? Or leprechaun tattoos on the butt? If you say yes to any of these, I will send you the Irish Wonker Fairy, maybe you two can out-green each other. (The IWF loves green toenail polish, just a heads up.)

     Great News: The Lost Key (the 2nd Nicholas Drummond thriller, with J.T. Ellison,  in A BRIT in the FBI series -- goodness that's a mouthful!) is off today to New York to nestle into my very fine editor's  computer, all ready for her to read quick as a lick because it's incredibly exciting,  a hair-raiser and straightener (without product).  I know, it's an absolutely amazing gift for her, especially on the weekend.

     Here's the cover for The Lost Key for you to  ooh and aah over. Picture  shimmery gold bars through water.  (Rich is the genius behind the wonderful water effect you really won't be able to see until you're holding the book in your hands.) The Lost Key is out on  September 30th and guess what? It's available for pre-order.

     You know what? I'm ready to play. Have a great green day. Don't feel like you have to paint your teeth green -- okay, one temporary Lucky Charms tattoo on your butt --

Catherine Coulter