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  • February Newsletter 2024
    14 Feb 2024
    Happy Valentine's Day everyone - This is probably the most renowned holiday of the year. Why, you ask. Because, I reply, this is the only day when chocolate sheds all its calories, sends them wafting into the ether, do not pass go, directly out of our solar system to find a young star that needs beefing up. We are the winners.
  • January Newsletter 2024
    10 Jan 2024
    Do not forget to celebrate Albert Schweitzer's birthday on the 14th. He was quite a mensch (mainly remembered for his medical missionariness in Africa) and deserving of at least one grateful pause in your busy life.
  • December Newsletter 2023
    13 Dec 2023
    Christmas is nearly on the doorstep, or the roof, ready to bring oodles of joy into your house. Joy is all well and good I've always thought, but it's the wrapped presents under the tree that make your heart thump in anticipation. At our house, first thing, there's sticky buns for breakfast (just a modicum of calories, so don't fret), then it's into the living room or den to rip into beautifully wrapped presents, over in three seconds, and here it took at least 10 minutes to make each look perfect. I know, I know, you can't help yourself.