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  • June 2024 Newsletter
    12 Jun 2024
    Another year has passed – it’s OBX time yet again after more years than I can count. When asked where OBX is and what the letters stand for, this is it: Outer Banks. Some dude a long time ago added the X because it sounded cool. It’s used everywhere today.
  • May 2024 Newsletter
    15 May 2024
    If you’ve ever been to Carmel, Ca. you’ll remember the literally dozens of art galleries in the semi-large downtown area, all designed for tourists, of course. I doubt many locals ever go into the myriad shops, clothes, furniture (go figure), restaurants (some are really good so that’s a possibility for locals) and again, all the TONS of galleries. So what? you wonder.
  • April 2024 Newsletter
    17 Apr 2024
    Taxes are all done, a tear-dampened check sent off, a goodly amount of booze dulled your pain, and now you’re looking forward again to a magnificent spring with maybe a mini-vacation to your in-laws in June.