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  • May 2024 Newsletter
    15 May 2024
    If you’ve ever been to Carmel, Ca. you’ll remember the literally dozens of art galleries in the semi-large downtown area, all designed for tourists, of course. I doubt many locals ever go into the myriad shops, clothes, furniture (go figure), restaurants (some are really good so that’s a possibility for locals) and again, all the TONS of galleries. So what? you wonder.
  • April 2024 Newsletter
    17 Apr 2024
    Taxes are all done, a tear-dampened check sent off, a goodly amount of booze dulled your pain, and now you’re looking forward again to a magnificent spring with maybe a mini-vacation to your in-laws in June.
  • March 2024 Newsletter
    13 Mar 2024
    The 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, but alas, it falls on Sunday, so you need to rethink this. How about you plan to celebrate on Saturday night and on Sunday you can sit in your sham-rocking chair to recover.