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August Newsletter cats

Vol. 770 No. 325

If you’re melting in the August heat and it isn’t a pretty sight, I’ve got a plan for you, actually I’ve got three plans for you, maybe three and a half, but you can’t pick and choose – you gotta embrace all three (and a half) plans. You want to know the best thing about these incredibly special, non-heating activities? You will not sweat because you can be hunkered down by the a/c as you begin to follow my exact instructions for all three (and a half) plans. Okay, here we go:

July Newsletter Cats

Vol. 007 No. 007A

HAPPY MIDDLE OF SUMMER: Big, Gorgeous July, and I know you’re off lying on warm sand or visiting with your family or snow skiing in New Zealand. And what is yours truly doing throughout this big gorgeous July, you might wonder? Do you think yours truly is yodeling on top of the Alps, looking down at both Switzerland and Italy, and doesn’t that sound weird? Of maybe YT is off fishing in an incredibly cold crystal clear lake in Alberta?

June 2017 calendar cats

Vol. 765 Number 567

It’s the middle of June and all through the house, I’m wrapping presents because it’s time for the yearly family reunion at the Outer Banks.  Those who have resisted in the past are now coming out with it -- I’m nuts.  And you’re saying, well, agreed, it’s not Christmas, the time of your yearly insanity, which can be rationalized. But this? Have you lost it completely? Sigh – yes.  But everyone in the family deserves at least one present plus flip flops for everyone and hats and beach bags and tops and shirts, not to mention all the kids’ goodies, I mean, I don’t want to be a present slacker.

Catherine Coulter May 2017 Newsletter cats

Vol. 330 No. 444

Yes, I know the May newsletter is late, but I was walking in the rain for a week (Yes, England), visiting Aunt Harrods (shoes) and the British Library (research for the 5th BRIT in the FBI series), the cutest baby in the universe (parents good breeders), and trying to avoid stepping into water traps on the sidewalks of London at night.

April newsletter cats

Vol. 660 No. 229

Goodness gracious, it’s TAX time. Are all of you chomping at the bit? Can’t wait to pay the Feds mo’ money, mo’ money? What to do? Bite the bullet, muchachos, keep that chin up and walk head high through that long dark tunnel. If you see a white light, you’re not dead, it means you’re almost through, safely intact, or nearly, for another year. And it’s best not to look back. Go get a margarita right now.

March Newsletter Cats

Vol. 031 No. 500

Beware the Ides of March. I wondered for a long time what Ides meant, I mean, something like March eyes seeing something you did wrong? Okay, don’t beg, I’ll tell you. Ides is from the old Roman calendar, roughly the middle day of each month, all made famous by Julius Caesar and Shakespeare because it’s the actual day (March 15, 44 BC) Julius Caesar went (unwillingly) to the Great Beyond by the hand of his good bud Brutus, later of Pop Eye fame.