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Warrior's Song - Catherine Coulter

Warrior's Song

Reading Order: 1

Dear Reader:
Chandra first appeared in 1984. I've rewritten it extensively and changed the title to Warrior's Song, as this book rightfully belongs in the Song series.
Chandra de Avenell might look like a golden princess, but she fights like a warrior, dreams a warrior's dreams, and wears a warrior's pride like a suit of armor. She wants to be strong, independent, and free. She has no use at all for a husband.
Enter the man her father has selected for her. Jerval de Vernon takes one look at Chandra, and he wants her. After he saves her from a very bad situation, he sets himself to wooing her - not an easy task.
How does a man convince a woman he coerces into marriage to become a wife? To give him her loyalty and her trust? Love is something he would like her to consider as well. But what if the wife has no intention of cooperating? Does her break her or finally give up on her?
Warrior's Song introduces Graelem de Moreton, a real bad boy, who has his mate thrust upon him in the second book of this series, Fire Song.

Fire Song - Catherine Coulter

Fire Song

Reading Order: 2

Dear Reader:
Fire Song first came out in 1985. It's now the second novel in the Medieval Song Quartet. I haven't done any rewriting, just hummed with pleasure at the beautiful new cover.
Lord Graelam de Moreton first appeared in Warrior's Song. (originally titled Chandra) He was a warrior, a man both hard and ruthless, a man who took what he wanted and never looked back. He was, and still is, a very bad boy. But things change and Graelam finds himself in a situation he never anticipated: he has gotten himself a wife through no fault of his own.
Kassia de Lorris of Brittany is gentle and yielding, untested in the ways of men. She cheats death only to find herself wedded to a stranger.
When the two meet as husband and wife at Graelam's castle of Wolffeton in Cornwall, Kassia is prepared to give obeisance to this man he father chose for her. Graelam is willing to accept her as she appears - a lady as innocent and guileless as rainwater flowing through his fingers.
But things change again. Graelam comes to believe she has betrayed him. It's time for Kassia to prove her mettle.
You'll be seeing Graelam and Kassia again in Earth Song and Secret Song. Do enjoy -

Earth Song - Catherine Coulter

Earth Song

Reading Order: 3

Dear Reader:
Earth Song came out in 1990. It's now the third of the Medieval Song Quartet and by far the most fun. If you don't hold your sides with laughter, then there's something very wrong with you, trust me on this. I haven't changed a single comma, just glowed with delight at the beautiful new cover.
Meet Philippa de Beauchamp - daring, impulsive, guilty of thinking with her feet and not with her head whenever she's in a bind. Philippa flees her father's castle when she hears she's to be married to the revolting Baron de Bridgport. But her daring escape in a wool wagon becomes a disaster when she winds up at the castle of St. Erth, whose owner, Dienwald de Fortenberry, is a rogue, as smooth and bold as Aquitaine wine, and poor as a church mouse.
What is he to do with a girl who won't tell him who she is, who is as tall as he is, and so beautiful it makes his teeth ache just to look at her?
There are villains to dispatch, mysteries to solve, and a little boy for Philippa to win over. You'll see Graelam and Kassia again. I want you to prepare yourself for lots and lots of laughter.

Secret Song - Catherine Coulter

Secret Song

Reading Order: 4

Dear Reader:
Secret Song first came out in 1991. It's the final novel in the Medieval Song Quartet. Like its first three cousins, I didn't do any rewriting, just say with joy at the gorgeous new cover.
In Secret Song, we get down and dirty. You met Roland de Tournay in Earth Song - a handsome man with a subtle wit and quick tongue who was variously an actor, an adventurer, a master of disguise. Now in Secret Song he meets his destiny when he must rescue Daria of Fortesque from a Welsh stronghold. He's as daring, as clever, as talented as he is. What's a man to do?
The link between them is as unbreakable as the fine forged steel of Roland's sword, but being obstinate, mule-headed - in other words, a man - he resists with all his might. You'll see characters from Earth Song and Fire Song stick their oars in to assist this beset pair, with varying degrees of success.
Do write me and tell me which of the Medieval Song Quartet you like the best. Actually, I'm hoping you have a really hard time selecting just one of them.
(Yes, I do have a favorite.)

Rosehaven - Catherine Coulter


Reading Order: 5

Dear Reader:
Come back to England in the year 1277 and meet Hastings of Trent and Severin of Langthorne, two strangers joined in marriage. Hastings is an heiress and Severin is the warrior whom the dying Earl of Oxborough has selected to assume his title, properties, possessions, and his daughter. It is Severin's duty to sire children, to bring strong new blood to the line, and keep Oxborough powerful.
Hastings thinks he's cold-blooded, severe, merciless. Severin doesn't smile, he looks capable of cruelty, he inspires fear. Then a marten appears over the top of his tunic.
Now, who can be afraid of a man who carries a marten in his tunic?
(What is a marten, you ask? A marten is a sable; a sable is a weasel. What is a weasel, you ask. See marten.)
As for Hastings, Severin believes she should be obedient, submissive, malleable. She should speak softly and do whatever he wants, immediately.
Both are in for a surprise.
Sweeping you through this medieval adventure are the and other richly drawn characters, among them Gilbert the goat and Alfred the Healer's cat. And of course, there is Trist, the marten, perhaps the most richly drawn of all. And what, you will ask, is this mysterious place called Rosehaven?
I hope you enjoy reading Rosehaven as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Penwyth Curse - Catherine Coulter

The Penwyth Curse

Reading Order: 6

Dear Reader:
How would you like to be eighteen and four times a widow? If you live with a curse, sometimes things like this happen. And so they did.
We have two sets of heroes/heroines; one set is in the present (A.D. 1278) and the other set is, quite simply, sometime else. We have both over- and underlapping stories, a dynamite mystery, lovers underfoot (visit with Dienwald and Philippa from Earth Song) and mega-doses of magic and mayhem. Come back to the present, and maybe even further back than that. I hope you have lots of fun, and smile until your jaws lock.

The Valcourt Heiress - Catherine Coulter

The Valcourt Heiress

Reading Order: 7

Twenty-four year old Lord Garron of Kersey is on his way home to succeed his late brother, Arthur, as the Earl of Wareham. But on arrival, Garron discovers his home, Wareham Castle, has been nearly destroyed by The Black Demon and his band of bad bad soldiers looking for Arthur's cache of silver coins which remain hidden. The handful of servants who've survived includes a young girl named Merry, supposedly the castle priest's bastard, who is as clever and enterprising as Garron. Garron is told this Balc Demon destroyed Wareham because no one would tell him where Arthur had hidden stolen silver coins. Equally puzzling is the too-smart bastard Merry -- as well bred, literate and brave as any man he's ever known. Indeed, she galvanizes his people to action before he can even ask her assistance. She's a natural leader and a skilled healer, but Merry has secrest of her own...secrets that could endanger Garron and his peopl. He knows she's hiding something, knows she could bring more bad things down on his head, but he likes her and her fast mind and her ready wit. But can he survive the truth? This engaging journey into medieval-land is loaded with intrigue, a witch who could turn you into a toad, and rich historical detail. As always, Coulter wraps it all up in a nail-biting ending. Well-defined characters, fascinating situations, blooming love, and a super big surprise are in store. Enjoy!