May newsletter 2012

I can't believe you wrote that! - Peyton

Vol. 669 No. 441

Hi, Everyone:

I'm off tomorrow for a vacation in Southern Utah, hiking around all the beautiful canyons and parks, ending up in Las Vegas, and what's not to like in the Adult Disneyland? We're staying at the Mandarin Oriental, brand new, and guess what? No gambling -- do you think they'll survive? Can you imagine walking through a lobby in Las Vegas without hearing the Ca-Ching of the slot machines?

BACKFIRE, the 16th FBI thriller, is out July 10th; Split Second in paperback, June 26th. I've got new Brilliance audio readers for BACKFIRE, Jim Meskimen and Deanna Hurst. They're incredible. Those of you who like to listen to audio books (I never drive anywhere without an audio book talking to me), you're going to love them.

Two weeks ago I was in Independence, Iowa, giving a writers' workshop and a public talk, sponsored by the Independence Public Library. I gotta say, they've got the most beautiful new library I've ever seen. Last weekend was Denver for another writers' workshop (170 folk) and a pubic talk at the Marriott Denver Tech Center, sponsored by the Arapahoe Library District. Both experiences were excellent, so many nice people, and the enthusiasm kept me on a drug-free high for the entire time.

In the 17th FBI thriller BOMBSHELL (out the summer 2013), I'm revisiting Maestro, VA. (Point Blank) and Sheriff Dix Noble (Point Blank and Double Take), and bad stuff happens. Meanwhile in Washington, we've got the brutal murder of the grandson of the retired Chairman of the Federal Reserve System. Big-time revenge against all our esteemed bankers with no moral compass whatsoever. Talk about a box of snakes --

On the 22nd, I'll be going back to Las Vegas for four days with my best writer friends, Linda Howard, Kay Hooper, and Iris Johansen. What fun that will be. I'll let you know all their secrets next month -- nope, take it back, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

What's going on with Tim Tebow's reception in NYC?

Great May to all -