June Newsletter 2012

I am the very model of a modern Major General (Gilbert & Sullivans The MaCato) - Eli

I love when you read to me. - Eli

Vol. 711 Number 003

Hello Everyone:

I got home from the Outer Banks (barrier islands off coast of North Carolina) this past Sunday. We stayed near Duck -- isn't that a great name for a town? Three houses, 30 + family folk, no rain, great food, the ocean wasn't too cold, and for those wusses who didn't like sand between their toes, the swimming pool was a bathtub. If you want to see gorgeous, incredibly professional photos, visit my Facebook page -- do let me know what you think. (Be sure to check out the photo of Michael Jackson and don't forget to overflow with compliments about my photography.)

I'm expecting J. T. Ellison, a writer friend, to arrive from Nashville today. We're planning on lots of fun, of course, as well as exploring a budding idea to be fueled by spaghetti and meatballs with lots of Parmesan and garlic toast, and who knows where this might lead?

Football update: Quarterback Tim Tebow has taken New York by storm, no surprise. I just hope he'll have proper coaching to get him to the next level. Do you feel sorry for the Jets' supposed starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez? (Go, Tim!)

BOMBSHELL, the 17th FBI thriller, is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, if I'm away from writing for a week, I forget everything and have to reread what I've written beginning at the beginning. Do you know, I think this thriller will make your toes curl. It's that good.

Guess what? SPLIT SECOND in paperback is out June 26th. Big Yea! If you've already read SPLIT SECOND in hardcover, you'll need to get the paperback to have a matched set. If you haven't read it yet, then I can't see an excuse in sight.

CONTEST ALERT! Go to my Facebook page (facebook.com/catherinecoulterbooks) or to the link here or on my website and enter the contest, which starts June 14th and runs til midnight, June 27th. 10 winners will receive a free, signed copy of my upcoming newest FBI thriller BACK FIRE.**

Everyone , be sure to make an appropriate sacrifice on the summer solstice, the 20st --