August Newsletter 2012

What tonsils - Peyton

You want me to do what with my leg? - Peyton

August Newsletter 2012

Here's to August, the Better Be Happy Last Month of the Summer

If any of you have any suggestions for an actor and actress to play Savich and Sherlock in a possible FBI TV series, please email them to me or graciously bestow them upon me at Facebook. (Photos are always nice.) Now, if you don't have my addresses written on your left thigh and never washed off, they are and -- you must write it just like that or you'll end up in Moscow.

When I think of Savich, I see David Boreanz. However, he's well into his 40's now and Savich is 35, and he will be 35 forever. What about Gerard Depardieu? (Okay, okay, just kidding.) Now, given we're talking Hollywood, aka Blah Blah Land here, don't hold your respective breaths, okay? I stopped even drawing a breath years ago when it when I finally simply OD'ed on "Oh, Catherine, darling, whatever you want, it'll be fab, my people will call your people," multiple etcs., (I mean, who has "people"?), spoken by those folk down south of me. But don't despise a dose of optimism, (Go, Patriots!), so how about some names (No, not Bela Lugosi).

Thanks for all your wonderful support for Backfire and Split Second. Both books continue to do well on the bestseller lists -- so have a Lemon Drop on me. If you're a wagoneer, that means cold, cold vodka with a titch of lemon in a sugar-rimmed martini glass (or a tin cup, who cares?).