September newsletter 2012

I rule - Eli

I'll have the guacamole and chips please - Eli

Vol 007 No. 703 September, 2012

FOOTBALL is here again and do you want to know how insane I am? Well, you see, I can't simply sit and watch football all day Sunday, all Monday evening, all Thursday evening. No siree, this puppy has to be doing something, and so --- Wrap Christmas presents! Yes, yes, I've already wrapped about 50 gifts.

With Week #2, in the football pool I'm 4-4 -- If only the Patriots and the Ravens hadn't been texting... If you want in on my Facebook Football Pool (4 picks a week and if I don't pick your team, then you replace one of the four with yours), go to my Facebook page and give everyone your to-date WLs.

I guess the talking football heads finally believe Peyton when he said, no, I'm not back all the way, I'm still rusty, this is a road game and it's a big test -- and sure enough, he threw 3 interceptions in the lst quarter again the Falcons and ended up going down big time. Although, you know, Eli threw 3 interceptions himself on Sunday against the Bucs and ended up nearly breaking the NFL record of 520 yards passing (I think). Who can tell me the QB? Still, Eli came in at 510 yards, no slouch is Eli.

I'm editing Bombshell, the 17th FBI (really, that's lots of words) and working on Jewel of the Lion. With Jewel now, I need your ideas for the name of a gorgeous 3-year old female Irish Setter who's going to be a permanent character. Give me TWO, no more than TWO suggestions, names you think would be phenomenal for her. The winner gets a book of his/her choice (sorry, it has to be one of mine).

Thank you very much for plunking down your hard-earned moolah for Split Second and Backfire -- a resounding success: SS was on the NYT bestseller list for 12 years, I mean, all right, all right, 12 weeks, and Backfire on for 10 weeks. Big smooches.

Happy September--